Our technology

We designed McFly technology to bridge the gap between future needs for “fun to drive” and sustainable mobility.

Patented software gear shifting algorithms to manage EVs performance and vehicle dynamics in real time while feeding high-end videogame-grade dynamic sounds and vibrations.

Switch from one engine to another at a click

McFly overcomes the ICE technical limits, letting you build powertrains with features until now considered impossible.

Sound and vibration

Software module containing all functions to produce sound and vibration real-time feedback. Sound module is driven by output data computed by performance engine. Virtualized RPM, load and torques are used to synthetize audio feedbacks according to performance execution.


Customizable features at a click: gear ratios, Auto/Manual gearbox, Drift Mode, Launch Control i.e.

Endless driving mode

Live different driving dynamics designing the desired performance without the typical ICE technical limits. Engine Torque And Braking, Rev limiter i.e

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McFly is a technology covered by an international patent. Adding sound to a direct drive vehicle isn’t enough to give coherent driving dynamics, but if you can virtualize an engine and build coherent driving dynamics to sound and vibration, the driver will be immersed in real and believable driving experience. This is McFly

The sounds and vibrations complete the experience. The heart of the technology is the digital twin of the gearshift. The goal is to give a dynamic soul to the BEVs, allowing the user to experience immersive and always different driving emotions… at a click.

The technology can be integrated into any 2 and 4 wheel BEV platform. The main market is the OEM one to which we are offering SW content integration, but we are studying an after sales kit for Tesla thanks to the experience we are making on our demonstrator.

Once the McFly technology is on the market, it will be possible to further overscale, thanks to DLC technologies, by selling McFly add-on contents from the store.

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